Science Fair

Science Fair – Getting Started Check out the grading rubric before getting started so you know the requirements of this project and what you are going to be graded on! Grading Rubric file Pick Your Question to Investigate! PDF document Read More

Third Grade Mapping Skills

This class will be an adventure for you as a student. Not only will you learn a lot about maps and globes, but you will learn a lot about technology throughout the lessons because this class is ONLINE! Some of Read More

Web Tools for Online Courses

This is a copy of a Staff Development course for District 287. When you install this course on your own Moodle environment you may need to double check some of the links because of the way this course is structured. Read More

Open High School of Utah

Courses and course materials produced by the Open High School of Utah are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Open High School of Utah courses contain many open educational resources produced by other organizations which may use a Read More

Introduction to Geometry

This is where your course summary or contact information goes.Function of Geometry in Construction This course allows guest users to enter This course explores the function of geometry in construction. In particular, students will learn about basic geoemtry concepts such Read More

Support Material Unit 3

Unit 3 – SelectingUnit 3 Objectives Selecting is the phase during which your students sort through the larger set of available material and begin selecting good examples of work as well as samples that highlight their skills and talents! Readings Read More

English Composition

Writing Handouts & Resources Spend some time searching through the resources posted below. I think that you will find some of these links very helpful even as you transition to college. Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the Read More


Romanesque art in Western Europe was popular from about 800 A.D. to the 1100s. The name Romanesque indicates a style like that of the ancient Romans. That description is not entirely accurate, however, since Roman art was only one of Read More

The Working Poor

This unit is designed to educate you on a growing population in the United States, The Working Poor. The working poor are not considered to be living in absolute poverty according to the government, but the group currently affects about Read More