The Korean War

BIG QUESTION | WHY DID THE U.S. FIGHT IN THE KOREAN WAR? Background: In this unit, you will be learning about the Korean War. The unit will take you through four tasks in which you will explore the causes, controversies Read More

Welcome to Enriched English 10!

Week One: Things Fall Apart Today we’ll meet in class to discuss the kick-off of our blended pilot. YES! The beginning is finally here!Our whole group will attend in our usual small (but charming and inviting!) space, Room 262. Here’s Read More

Orientation Course

Welcome to your Orientation Course! This short course will introduce you to several key computer skills and study strategies you’ll need to do well in your online courses. You’ll want to set aside about one hour to complete all the Read More


Graphical displays of data Histograms are a common way to display data.  They are similar to bar graphs, which are generally used with categorical data.  A histogram is generally used to display quantative data.  The bars are connected and each Read More

Child Labor and Work Place Safety

This course will examine child Labor in America from the turn of the century to modern times. Students will trace the development of modern labor laws throughout the last century. Child labor as it exists today in other countries will Read More

Sound Physics

Check out these links for great examples which show that knowing about the science of sound is an exciting way to enrich your understanding of the world around you. This unit on the physics of sound will introduce you to Read More