Welcome to your Orientation Course! This short course will introduce you to several key computer skills and study strategies you’ll need to do well in your online courses. You’ll want to set aside about one hour to complete all the material. There will be a short assessment at the end that you’ll need to complete before you can begin working in your official class. Don’t panic, though! If you work diligently through the material in this course, you’ll do fine! To get started, watch the quick introductory video.

Let’s get started on the main content of the course. This course is divided into two parts: Moodle Skills and Study Tips. (Moodle is the software that runs our courses.) You can work through them in either order, or can bounce back and forth between the two areas. To complete the course, you’ll need to work through both sections in their entirety. Once you’ve done that, move on to the assessments section at the end. To get started, click on the links! Good luck!

You’ve made it through the content and we hope have a better understanding of what it’ll be like to be an online student. Now that you’ve completed the content, it’s time to take a quick assessment to show what you’ve learned. Good luck!
Once you’ve completed the Assessments section, you’re done! You should be placed in your Moodle course/s shortly after completion. Congratulations and good luck!

After you’re done, if you have a minute, we’d love to hear your feedback on this course. You can add your voice by clicking on the link below and then hitting “reply” to the first post.

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