This course uses the darkb theme that is not a standard theme in Moodle but can be found at Moodle. This course also uses the checklist add-on.

Spain Prior to 1492
Please watch the following videos and complete the quizzes. These will give you a little background information about Spain prior to 1492 and some of the things the Moors brought to the peninsula.

Selecting a Character
This is where you will go to select the person you would like to create a fake wall for. There is a list here for you to select from. Please select the people in BOLD first and then move to those names that aren’t bold. Type your name to the right of the name in the column provided

My Fake Wall
This is your project for the course. You have selected a character in step 2 and now you need to research this person and create a fake Facebook wall for him/her. The details of exactly what is expected are listed below. Please also refer to the rubric provided.

Discussing Characters and How They’re Connected
In this forum, please post the link to your character’s “wall” and how he/she is related (familial or just in life) to other people on the list (from the class wiki where you chose your character). You must respond to at least two other people’s posts, discussing the relationship between your character and his/hers.

Class Wiki
Please post your character and the main points about his/her life. Keep the characters in chronological order

Writing a paper
You will be writing a research paper about a specific topic from this period of Spain’s history.

Final Assessment
For this section, I would create a final test based on the information provided by the students. I would create this exam in Moodle and post the link here. This test would only be open for a certain amount of time and would also be timed to prevent students from searching through the walls/discussion forums to find the answers. I may even require students to submit 5-10 questions about their person (that will be answered in their wall posts or discussions) to use on the test.

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