Check out these links for great examples which show that knowing about the science of sound is an exciting way to enrich your understanding of the world around you.

This unit on the physics of sound will introduce you to some of the interesting science behind sound waves and allow you to work with some tools to create your own sound projects.
Lets start by learning how to record and play sounds using a progam called Audacity. Audacity can play and record sound files and you can even use it to make ringtones for your phone! Later we will learn how we can use this program to learn about the science of the sounds you are using.

Content Learning About Waves and Sound
Here’s what sound waves look like. The caption reads, “A visible pattern of sound waves. This new technique of studying sound demonstrates the focusing effect of an acoustical lens on sound waves issuing from the horn at extreme left. Wave pattern is produced by a scanning technique . . .” Bell Telephone Laboratories photograph, from the book The First Book of Sound: A Basic Guide to the Science of Acoustics by David C. Knight, Franklin Watts, Inc. New York

This section will help you with the necessary content reading including concepts, vocabulary, and other information you will need to be able to communicate and understand more of the awesome physics of waves and sound. Use these resources throughout the unit when needed to learn, review and strengthen understanding of the ideas.

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