This course is designed for students ages 11-18 who are learning to use the Internet. It supplies common sense tips for staying safe while using a wide range of network based tools.

Creative Commons License: This course was created by Paul Nelson and is licensed under the Creative Commons license.

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Predators – People who want to hurt you…

Most of the people in your life would never hurt you. If you use the Internet, you may be at risk though. There are people out there who could hurt you and if you’re not safe, they can find you through the Internet.

CyberBullying – Does it really hurt?
Predators may be scary but students are more likely to be victims of relational aggression and bullying than Internet predators.

“Technology does not make bullies. It just makes them more productive.”

“Help stop cyberbullying. If your child sees
cyberbullying happening to someone else,encourage him or her to try to stop it by not engaging or forwarding anything and by telling the bully to stop. Researchers say that bullying usually stops pretty quickly when peers
intervene on behalf of the victim. One way to help stop bullying online is to report it to thesite or network where you see it.Email Safety – Net Etiquette, Phishing Scams and more…┬áthe email on the right. Does this look like a real email. Yes it does!

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