This class will be an adventure for you as a student. Not only will you learn a lot about maps and globes, but you will learn a lot about technology throughout the lessons because this class is ONLINE!

Some of the activities you will participate in include . . . .
watching videos online
playing games and taking quizzes online
learning from websites
finding locations with Google Earth
handing in assignments through the Internet
Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about maps or technology. Your teacher will help guide you through the class, sort of like your map guide or navigator.

Class Map
Throughout this class we will be building a class map of our adventures outside of school. When you travel, whether near or far, visit the website and mark where you have been. After placing the marker add some notes telling the class about your adventure.
Why do we need maps?
I bet you have seen maps in lots of places. I know you have seen them on the walls at school and in some of your textbooks. At home I bet you have seen maps on TV, in video games, and maybe even in your car or van. Maps are all over. Why are maps so important?

Map Perspective
I bet you have wondered why maps look the way they do? In this lesson you will read a story about a little girl named Nikki who goes on an adventure in a hot air balloon. While in the balloon she learns some things about how maps are created.

Symbols on a map
Maps can be drawn to represent a variety of information. This information might include things such as roads, tourist attractions, and campgrounds, or they might represent the latest weather.

The objects on a map are represented using symbols. A symbol is a picture on the map that represents something in the real world.

keyUnderstanding these symbols requires the use of a key. Maps use a key, or legend to explain the meaning of each of the symbols used in the map. These keys usually show a small picture of each of the symbols used on the map, along with a written description of the meaning of each of these symbols.

Compass Rose and Cardinal Directions
A compass rose is a design on a map that shows directions. It shows north, south, east, west. These four directions are called the cardinal directions. The intermediate directions are in between the others. They are northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.
Print out the compass rose picture and color your own compass rose. Use the picture at the bottom to make sure you label all the directions correctly.

Final Class Project: New Ulm walking tour map
As a class project we will be working together to make a map of the New Ulm Walking Tour using a web2.0 tool called mapme. Look at the map that has been started so you can see what we will be working on together. We will be using picnik to fix up our pictures with nice labels.

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