This unit on population geography is consistent with what is taught in an AP Human Geography course. It includes, population pyramids, the demographic transition, causes and effects of population growth and a choice of 4 project type assessments that require students to read the effects of human population on the landscape

New York Times
The New Islamists: In Egypt, Morsi Escalates Battle Over Islam’s Role Two leading presidential candidates, Mohamed Morsi and Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, differ on religion’s place in Egypt.

Egypt Rejects Registration Bids From 8 U.S. Nonprofits
The groups included the Carter Center, which has sent monitors to observe the Egyptian presidential election.

James Murdoch Testifies Before Judicial Panel
Evidence presented at an inquiry suggested that the British culture minister, or at least an aide claiming to speak for him, worked covertly to help win approval for a takeover of the BSkyB network.

Ukraine’s Jailed Ex-Premier, Tymoshenko, Goes on Hunger Strike
Yulia V. Tymoshenko declared a hunger strike after what she said was an assault by prison guards that left her black and blue.

Call for Growth Puts Pressure on German-Led Austerity
A euro zone strategy to cut deficits has come under increasing strain from slowing economies, gyrating financial markets and electoral setbacks.

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